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Under the supervision of Dr. Essam Shaker and a team of international beauticians.

At Marouf Derma and Beauty Clinic, we are dedicated to revitalize and enhance your natural beauty by improving your skin’s texture, tone, and appearance using the latest technology and procedures.

We as well provide a comprehensive treatment plan for almost any skin disease or beauty requirements by fully assessing your medical history and current health in order to appropriately diagnose any skin condition.

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We provide the following services and more:

Hair Removal Laser:

  • We offer you the 4th generation technology that provides a completelyfree of pain session using an advanced cooling system.

Facial and Beauty Care including Mesotherapy, Facial Care and Cleansing, Botox injections and Fillers

  • Mesotherapy: Our new formula that is given by either injection or Roll can be used for lifting, facial glow, whitening, or even as an anti-aging treatment toget the result of a glowing and baby skin.
  • Facial Care and Cleansing:Practiced in high technique by an outstanding well trained team of beauticians for the treatment of oily skin, wide pores, and pigmentations
  • Botox injection with the original highest quality products, for Wrinkles, hypothyroidism with no pain or side effects.
  • Fillers (The Original French Products): For lifting of wrinkles, deep and superficial for natural cheeks.

Carbonic Laser Unit

  • Latest Face and body Skincare Technology (Requires 4-8 sessions)
  • Skin rejuvenation for a silky glowing result.
  • Treat Active Acne, Acne scars, Dark spots and control oily skin secretions.
  • Minimize open pores and get a smooth final texture.
  • Get an even unified color of the skin by treating freckles and melisma.
  • Tattoos removal with no complications and provide a natural skin texture with no scars.
  • Treat the dark skin areas: underarms, sensitive areas, elbows, knees, etc.

Dermatology Clinic

  • Diagnose and treat chronic diseases: Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungal infections, genetic diseases and vitiligo
  • Treat hair and beard lupus in a very short period using special remedies that provide guaranteed results.
  • Genital Diseases (Complete confidentiality): Genital Herpes, gonorrhea, Erectile Dysfunction and Delayed childbearing.